Mar. 12th, 2016

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Okay, this has been an interesting week for me. Last week was rough with two midterm exams plus the preliminary exam. The stress and change in lifestyle has lead to me going from 214lbs to 239lbs. Needless to say I have decided this trend can't continue.

Last week I "ran" a full mile, seven laps in the gym track. This Thursday night I went for a "run", four laps of the outdoor track. I had thought that the track was .25 mile per lap so I used the fact that I had already done one mile to keep going. Turns out that the track is (1/3) mile per lap so for a new personal best I "ran" 1.3 miles. Then cooled down for another .3 miles.

It's amazing how much is a mental game when it comes to working out when overweight. I started the first lap and was feeling pain in my back, feet, and knee. So I adjusted my form to workout other (appropriate) muscle. engaging my abs and using my gluts. But I still didn't think I would make running past the first lap, but then I told myself that the only way I would get better is to do it. Also, reminding myself that I want to change. What's one more, lets just finish this lap. Then, just start the next one. Once the next lap is in progress then I tell myself, just finish this lap. I keep that up as well as enjoy the feeling of the fat burning, that's what I tell myself when I feel the pain start, the pain is my muscles getting stronger, the fat burning. That way the pain becomes a good thing. To a point of course.

*When I say run, it's really a slow jog but given that my heart rate gets up to over 150 bpm I consider it a run for me.

In bike related news, I am purchasing a fixer upper on campus. This means that I am going to need to fix the bike myself but as a result it will only cost $40.

This is weightwatchers day 2 for nutrition.

Trying to take it a day at a time. Focus on filling in the weightwatchers today and meeting my triclub compatriots.

Yes, I have joined a triathlon training club. No I haven't signed up for any races. I signed up for the combination of social and physical activities. Plus it will serve as training for the corporate challenge.

The current goal is to lose on average 2 lbs per week until my trip back to LA which is in about 5 months. That will have me down about 40 lbs by the time I go back for a visit.

So that is the update!


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