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Birthday yesterday was mostly good.

1) Read a book
2)watched an ep of a show (don't ask which b/c I am embarrased)
3) did a little workout
4) had lunch at favorite salad place
5) saw lots of BF
6) had great sushi at Kabuki

7)FUCK PETER JACKSON and the directors of District 9

They managed to make what few action seens they had boring (how is that possible). I haven't been that bored when watching a movie since I saw 'Salems Lot". If you are looking for action go see GI Joe. If you want a boring movie about humanity then go see district 9.

[ profile] lightbane_v1 called it a 'sedate scifi drama'. Yep sedate is ther right word. He of course enjoyed it.
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I am looking into changing my auto insurance. Currently I pay $154/mo. I found a place where I can get even better coverage for about $147/mo. The other option is to reduce my auto insurance to just liability which means that I am not really covered but am allowed to drive legally. General liability only costs $68/mo. Currently I have no regular income, though my parents are helping to support me (ie with interest free loans). I don't know what to do.

Should I get General Liability or the better coverage (either way I am changing insurance companies.)
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I agree with some of [ profile] yakalskovich list as well as her friend [ profile] cob_web:

keeping my windows closed
Wanting my own pet - Not being able to take care of them
Flavoured tea
My Teddy Bear
Not wanting to have children
reading fantasy/sci-fi
wearing silver jewelery instead of gold
not wearing make up

I didn't grow into drinking coffee like everyone seemed to think I would. Doesn't exactly fit but seemed appropriate to add.

Now how about yous?
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My head hurts...Ow

Been busy. Went into work plus family obligations. Will get to RPing sometime later this week. After I finish my TA homework. Yes as a TA I have homework.

So sorry to those I am slowtiming with.

Now am off to work or something resembling it.
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You know it's a slow day when I make not just 1 post on LJ but three in the same day. Possibly more that you can't see. Seriously, I have finished all the work that I can without further communication from one of my mentors and so I sit here clicking the refresh button on my Yahoo account and the Milliways post that I am currently in a slowtimed thread with. I can't respond to my other slowtimes as I can't access g-mail from work. Also I don't want to start any new threads because once I leave work they will have to be slowtimed until after work tommorrow. sighs There is still 1.5 hours to go and I am not sure if I should bother to stick around here as I am not getting anything done.

Of course, with my luck as soon as I leave one of my mentors will be freed up to answer questions and I wont be here. Because that is the way it always goes.
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- a gallon of honesty
- a heaping teaspoon of trustworthiness
- a pinch of charm

Mix together and serve hot.

Amy [adjective] --
Tastes like fried chicken
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I just found poker at

It's Free.

I am in such trouble. I will not be getting alot of sleep.
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Other then the long hours of sitting here doing nothing. I am really loving my internship. I am learning alot and for once I enjoy going to work.

Things I am greatful for:

[ profile] lightbane_v1
My internship
My Gym Membership
(Because thanks to Gym I will be able to watch Torchwood when it airs on BBC America)
My Friends (Though I do not see them as often as I would like)
My computer

And really is there anything else? If you are having a Good day or a Bad day go ahead and tag in with what you are greatful for. It may help you feel better or keep you happy.
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This is frustrating.

I have an application all ready to go. I was just waiting for apps to open and now that they are I can't send it in until I get home from work today because g-mail isn't allowed here.


That and it has been a rough day at work. (aka, there hasn't been much for me to do)
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[Unknown site tag]

Your result for Which fantasy writer are you?...

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His most popular work are the Elric books. Elric was originally conceived as a sort of critical comment to or even parody of R E Howard's Conan, but the character and his world soon grew to form a tragic and somewhat fatalistic drama. Elric's world is, in turn, only a small part of the huge Multiverse, a set of stories from all sorts of worlds (including our own) which is forever locked in a struggle between the two powers of Law and Chaos. Whenever one of these powers is threatening to become too powerful, an incarnation of the Eternal Champion, a group of warriors possessing the same spirit, is forced to fight to maintain the delicate balance between the two. Moorcock has worked several of his heroes into this cycle of books, including Hawkmoon, Corum and, of course, Elric.

Moorcock's stories are often stories about warriors, however reluctant they may be, and are usually explicitly violent, even if the purpose of all the hacking and slashing is to free humans and other beings from oppression and, ultimately, fear. There is little happiness, though, for those who are forced to do the fighting and all they can hope for is a short time of respite, sometimes in the town of Tanelorn, the only place in the multiverse that the eternal struggle between Law and Chaos can't reach.

It should also be mentioned that, even though Moorcock has done quite some experimenting in his days, it can't be ignored that a major part of his books are traditional adventure stories that become more than that by their inclusion into a grand vision. A little ironically , perhaps, for an author who has criticized the "world-building school" of fantasy, Moorcock achieves much of his popularity through building, if not a world, a world vision.

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YAY!! I took my last final today and I know I at least did well enough on my final this morning to get an A in that class. I had to have done well enough on my final yesterday to get an A in that class-though it can be hard to tell with that proffessor. The only worry I have is my EE525 class which is of course the only class that I worked my butt off on. Though I think I failed the final. Hopefully the grades will be posted quickly (especially EE525).

And for more good news my internship starts tommorrow. Still don't know what I am going to be doing but it should be a good experience. My mentor and the man I think is his boss seem nice.

Now I just need to figure out what I am going to wear. Please help. I will be working in a cubicle and/or computer lab.

[Poll #1413601]
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1) Internship
Yay!! had orientation and am very excited. I spoke with my mentor and he says that I don't have to wait until the 22nd of June to start. They are willing to have me start on June 10th. WHOOT!! This is a happy 'thief. Also I will be working 40 hours a week instead of 10 hours a week. Hopefully this means lots of stuff to learn.

2) The Home
I have been doing dishes today. It has been much needed. Really I have been feeling clauhstraphobic. Which is why I have been eating out instead of eating food I have here. This has been rectified and am almost done with all of the dishes. I can only do so many at a time because of limited space in the dish rack.

3) Movies
I saw 'The Librarian' (the third of them) with [ profile] lightbane_v1 then we went to see Terminator Salvation followed by a showing of the original 'Dawn of the Dead'. And now I am finally watching 'Dog Soldiers' really I was sold on seeing the film when someone warned me about how gory it could be. Then on the back of the box it was compared to 'Evil Dead' maybe the first but I really don't see how any movie could truly be compared to such a classic. After all there was no Bruce Cambell nor any of the Rami's involved. Also is ironic that the Character that my pup in Milliways (Amanda) doesn't get along with at all happens to be my favorite. Granted I can completely understand why he had/has a problem with her. She was a little too eager to please and not quite in her right mind when they had met so now I keep them apart. Past and future versions. Anyway I am going to go and finish watching the movie.

4) My feet.
For my orentation I dressed up nice and wore my nice brown work shoes which aren't very comfortable nor are they good for walking all over the facility where the internship will take place which is what we did. And so I have a huge piece of skin hanging off the side of my foot. Then today I rammed my toe into the couch and that is now black and blue all over.

Okay now time to go and do some more dishes and watch more movie.
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Patrick came over yesterday. There was some hanging out which was fun. Also there was some cleaning and as usual I feel better when my apartment is clean. Why can't I keep it this way.

Other then that I am a bit stressed over too much school work and not a whole lot of time. But this is a good sort of stress.
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I am very grateful that my Boss has had to handle the display at the beach because now he see's for himself what a difference it makes and is actually investing in display supplies. If I had done it myself I would have been stuck lugging the boxes back and forth and so on.
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Apparently there was another earthquake out here. It really says something about my upstairs neighbors that I couldn't tell what the cause of the shaking was.
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So as another friend reminded me, we had an earthquake in LA. Yes, I forgot. Everything is okay and as cupenny pointed out. ("... scene from Independance Day ...explain how most Californians deal with 'quakes. 'Not even a four-pointer. Go back to sleep.' ^_^)

At anyrate no damage, and no worries.
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Okay as desperate as I have been to find a job I need to really kick it into high gear. I refuse to get a job that doesn't bring me closer to becoming an Electrical Engineer but I may have to. My boss pretty much made it clear that I don't have a job for much longer.

So now he will have to deal with me taking work time to apply for positions. Any advice would be appriciated.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I found out yesterday that the research project I had been waiting on didn't get funded. He said (and lightbane_v1 is going to love this) that if there is left over funds we will know by sometime in July (as he predicted).

Edit 2:What the job hunting experience has taught me is that I suck. Or rather I can't get a job because I believe that I suck.


Edit 3: YAY!!! I just recieved an e-mail from a company that I applied to an internship for and I got it. WHOOT. It's unpaid but it's the experience that I need to get myself moving in the right direction!!
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I'm feeling ill today and curious how upset my boss will be if I ask him for the day off given my already limited hours.

Still not sure if I am going to ask but chances are I'm not going to class today.

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I am having a good day.

I always feel better once I have finished one of the projects that is due in my Optical Communication course.

So that combined with the RPing that I have been doing in milliways_bar. It's amazing but in a couple of months I will have been RPing in Milliways for 4 years.

Alucard is bored and has become boring and so I am not sure if I should keep him or if I shouls reset him to the begining of his canon. Also I want to app another character, one from Twilight but I am not sure which one and I can only really handle three at a time. So please help me figure out what to do.

[Poll #1398931]
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I am such a bad girl.

I ditched class today. But I just couldn't find a reason to go so I didn't. I'll go on Monday there will be more to get out of it then.

But on the plus side. A day off is a nice change.
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